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Wella System Professional

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Rokk Shop brings you an extensive range of Wella System Professional salon hair care products into the comfort of your home. An exclusive line of hair care range that is sold and recognised globally....

Buy One of The Best Transformative Haircare Supply At Rokk Shop

- Discover professional salon hair care products designed for all hair type at Rokk Shop. We have got something for everyone. From shampoos and conditioners to masks and oils, you can be confident that your hair care needs will be completed and taken into consideration. Quality hair care products that ensure healthy and happy hair.

- Rokk Shop stores and supplies all Wella System Professionals products across Australia. We have an extensive range of haircare supply that guarantees healthy hair. Wella System Professional provides target solutions that address your specific hair needs.

- All Rokk Shop's stored haircare range from Wella System Professional promotes quality hair growth and helps regenerate your hair from the core. With our hair care products, your hair will feel healthier and more replenished.

Browse through our extensive range of hair care products and find the one that suits your hair needs!


SYSPRO Liquid Hair 100ml


RESULT Long lasting vitality and damage repair. Hair feels plumped and strong. TARGET GROUP Liquid Hair was especially developed for sensitized and fragile hair with its ability to reconstruct the hair fiber and reinforcing hair, with selected amino...

SYSPRO Elastic Force 125ml


RESULT It instantly smoothens the hair surface with a silky touch while simultaneously improving resilience and strength. TARGET GROUP For all hair types, especially those who are looking for a silky hair feel with a natural movement and bounce...

SYSPRO Alpha Energy 100ml


RESULT Effects on hair After 1 usage: Strong hair with better manageability, that’s full of bounce. After 2 weeks: Significantly more energy and strength from within. Hair is easier to manage and stays in shape for longer. After 3 months /1 Bottle:...

SYSPRO Volumize Mask 200ml


V3 VOLUMIZE MASKHAIR FIBER REINFORCER RESULT More volume and lastingness. TARGET GROUP For clients with fine hair that demands an intensive care and stability regimen. PRODUCT The intensive weekly treatment for volume and stability that reinforces the...

SYSPRO Smoothen Mask 200ml


RESULT Reduced frizz and control of the hair texture. TARGET GROUP For clients with rebellious, coarse and unruly hair that are looking for an anti-frizz effect. Ideal for curly hair that needs control and hair that is difficult to style. PRODUCT A...

SYSPRO Hydrate Mask 200ml


RESULT Suppleness and moisture balance for longer. TARGET GROUP Replenishes the lost moisture in dry and natural hair. Before treatment the hair feels healthy to rough and dry. Ideal for hair that is difficult to comb. PRODUCT The mask with the highest...

SYSPRO SOLAR Sun Oil 100ml


RESULT Adds daily softness and reduces flyaway hairs. TARGET GROUP For clients that require extra softness and protection whilst in the sun. Also for sun, salt and chlorine-exposed hair. PRODUCT Instantly adds softness during and after sun exposure. The...