Bodyography Hydrating Foundation Primer

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Bodyography Hydrating Foundation Primer

MSRP: $65.00
(You save: $13.00 )

A lightweight, water-based primer designed to prolong the wear of your foundation whilst adding a natural glow to the skin, creating a smooth even base with a subtle silky finish.

Peta Certified Cruelty-Free Icon Vegan Icon Gluten-Free Icon


  • Silica controls oil & shine
  • Jojoba Seed & Shea Butter rejuvenate & moisturize skin
  • Aloe & Chamomile calm & soothe the skin
  • Rose water hydrates, cleanses & refreshes the skin with a beautiful natural aroma
  • Vitamin E conditions skin
  • Softens fine lines, pores, & wrinkles
  • Smooths & perfects skin
  • Brings moisture to the skin giving you a healthy glow
  • Controls oil & shine
  • Green Tea & Cucumber soothe redness & calm the skin

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