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Buy Australian Made Shampoo and Conditioner

Are you searching for a good quality Australian made shampoo and conditioner? We got your hair care needs covered! 

Rokk Shop stores and supplies an array of hair care products that are manufactured and sold exclusively in Australia. We cater to every hair need and help you find the perfect hair care product for your hair type. ...

Shop Quality Shampoo Online in Australia At Rokk Shop 

Finding the right type of shampoo for your hair type is one of the vital steps for a regular hair care routine.  

- At Rokk Shop, we store and supply shampoo online in Australia that caters to your hair care needs. Our stored good quality shampoo is specially designed for any hair colour and type.

- All our haircare range and shampoo include good quality ingredients that can help transform your hair by protecting and cleansing your scalp.  

Rokk Shop stores and supplies:

   - Nourishing shampoo for dull hair
   - Hydrating shampoo for dry hair
   - Clarifying shampoo for oil build-up and chemicals 
   - Anti-frizz shampoo
   - Blonde shampoo 

and many more.

Browse through our range of hair care supplies and buy shampoo online in Australia!


SYSPRO Purify Shampoo 250ml


PRODUCT The shampoo gently and efficiently removes dandruff with regular use. The highly effective Dermapure Complex removes the micororaganism causing dandruff. The gentle formula cleanses the scalp and efficiently removes the sebum, which is the base...

SYSPRO Smoothen Shampoo 250ml


RESULT Instant softness after shampooing. TARGET GROUP For clients with coarse hair that is difficult to tame, feels dry or is unmanageable. Also for curly hair which needs control and elasticity and hair that tends to frizz and reacts to high humidity...

SYSPRO Repair Shampoo 250ml


RESULT Nourishment and easier combing directly after the shampoo. TARGET GROUP For clients with highly damaged, brittle and sensitized hair. Suitable for bleached and chemically treated hair and daily cleansing. PRODUCT Repair Shampoo is the ideal...

SYSPRO Silver Shampoo 250ml


RESULT Cool tonality and reduced warmth for blonde hair. TARGET GROUP For blonde hair, which is colored, natural or bleached. Clients who do not want to see warmth on blonde or yellow on grey hair. For clients with highlights. PRODUCT Anti-yellow effect...

SYSPRO Hydrate Shampoo 250ml


HYDRATE SHAMPOOLIGHTWEIGHT MOISTURIZATION RESULT Lightweight moisturization. TARGET GROUP For clients with dry hair and natural hair that needs rehydrating. The hair feels healthy to dry and can be difficult to comb. PRODUCT Gently cleanses the hair and...