ghd Helios Hair Dryer Comb Nozzle

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ghd Helios Hair Dryer Comb Nozzle


A comb attachment for use with the ghd Helios hairdyer. 

If you’re looking for a lush, smooth blowout on your naturally coily hair, you’re in the right place. The ghd Helios Comb Nozzle has been specially designed to help style textured hair with ease. Works with the ghd Helios hairdryer. 

Why will I love the ghd Helios comb Nozzle?

  • Wide-tooth comb attachment for your ghd hairdryer
  • Designed to help smooth natural texture 
  • Ideal for tightly coiled hair 
  • Two rows of teeth
  • Helps to smooth and add shape to your blowout 

    Who is the ghd Helios comb Nozzle best for?

    This nozzle has been designed for use on coily, textured hair, particularly Afro-Caribbean types. If that’s you, and you own a ghd Helios, you’ll want to get involved. 

    How should I use the ghd Helios comb Nozzle?

    As the name suggests, this nozzle is designed for use with the ghd Helios hairdryer. Simply click it onto the end of your Helios, and you’re good to go. 

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