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Slick Gorilla Sea Salt Spray 200ml

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Slick Gorilla Sea Salt Spray 200ml



The Slick Gorilla Sea Salt Spray provides a light hold on hair, with a matte finish. Perfect for a tousled beach hair look or carefree, natural hairstyles.

  • Light hold and matte finish
  • Conditions hair throughout the day
  • Made for all hair types
  • Contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Himalayan Pink Salt to promote a healthy scalp
  • Offers some UV protection from sun rays
  • Can be used to protect hair from heat when using styling aids
  • Cruelty-Free and Paraben free
  • Made in UK


Slick Gorilla’s mantra is all about creating hair products for men who want to feel great. The Sea Salt Spray gives your hair a tousled beach look, and perfect if you’re looking for minimal styling. The unique formula not only gives you styling control but also delivers hydration to hair follicles throughout the day.

Seaweed Extract provides hair with deep hydration to keep strands strong and less prone to breakage. Himalayan Pink Salts stimulate the scalp and help prevent dryness. Meanwhile, Epsom Salts reduces oiliness and gives extra flexibility when styling hair.

To use, spray a generous amount directly onto your hair and style as necessary. Sea salt sprays are excellent bases to use before going in with other stronger styling products. This can also be used to protect hair from heat when using styling aids like hairdryers.

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