Barberian Jimo Moisturising Conditioner 250ml

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Barberian Jimo Moisturising Conditioner 250ml


Our ultra hydrating conditioner specially formulated to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and smooth.This ultra nourishing conditioner contains naturla botanicals to soothe, hydrate and enrich your hair. Its lightweight formula is easy to apply wont leave any residue, leaving your hair feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. Use it after shampooing for best results.

Qualities - Ultra Hydration, Softenning, Smoothing

Scent - White cypress aniseed and lemon myrtle


Caprrylic/capric triglyceride often derived form sources like coconut oil or palm oil, is a frequently employed ingrdient in cosmetics and persoanl care products including hair care items. It offers multitude of benefits for hair with a particular focus on moisture rentention and hair health.

Mositure Retention: Caprrylic/capric triglyceride boasts emollient properties allowing it to establsih a protective barrier on the hairs surface. This barrier serves as a guardian against excessive moisture loss form the hair shaft. By hindering the evaporation of moisture it helps maintain the hairs essential hydration.

Prevent Dryness: Dry and dehydrated hair is prone to becoming brittle, frizzy, and susceptable to breakage. Caprrylic/capric triglyceridetakes action to avert dryness by effectively sealing in moisture. This is particularly critical for individuals with naturally dry or damaged hair or itchiness.



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