Barberian Jono Daily Conditioner 250ml

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Barberian Jono Daily Conditioner 250ml


Our ultra hydrating condtitoner is specifically formulated to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy and smooth. This ultra nourishing condtioner contains natural botanicals to soothe, hydrate and enrich your hair. Its lightweight formula is easy to apply and wont leave any residue, leaving your hair feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. Use it after shampooing for best results. 

Qualities - Ultra hydration, softening, smoothing

Scent - Cedarwood and Bergamot


Jono Daily Conditioner features Capric Acid, medium chain fatty acid derived from naturla sources like coconut oil offerring a range of benefits for your hair.

Moisture retention: Capric Acid acts as a protective shield on the hairs surface reduicng moisture loss from the hair shaft. This sealing effect locks is crucial moisture preventing excessive dryness. This is particularly beneficial for those with dry or damaged hair as it enhances and sustains hair hydration.

Improved scalp hair: A helathy scalp is vital for promoting robuts hair growth. Capric acid extends its benefits to the scalp warding off dryness and potential scalp issues such as flakines or itchiness.



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