evo Happy Campers wearable treatment 200ml

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evo Happy Campers wearable treatment 200ml


A lightweight daily moisturising leave-in to strengthen brittle and colour treated hair.

For hair that yearns for simpler days. Days of fewer ads on TV, making friends without social media, and shiny, undamaged hair. evo happy campers is a cheerful three in one product that protects, hydrates and strengthens.

If your hair is weakened from environmental or chemical damages, you need a happy camper in your life. This easy to use, comfortable hair spritz is lightweight and supports daily styling. Your hair is protected from heat damage, de-frizzed and gives just a touch of volume and hold.

What are the features & benefits of evo happy campers?

  • Daily protective and restorative styling treatment
  • Protects hair from UV and heat damage
  • Makes it easier to style your hair, with a small amount of volume and hold
  • Reduces frizz
  • Adds hydration
  • Strengthens hair that has been weakened
  • Helps prolong the life of your hair colour
  • 200ml, non pressurised spritz

How To Use:

Spritz in dampened hair before styling. Focus the product on the ends of hair to help prevent split ends.

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