evo heads will roll co-wash 300ml

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evo heads will roll co-wash 300ml


a low-foam cleansing conditioner that gently cleanses and conditions in one step to remove build-up, hydrate and improve curl manageability.

Recommended for
wavy, curly, coily and tight textures.


  •  cleanses - sulfate-free cleansers’ gently cleanse the scalp

    and hair to remove product build-up, dirt and excess oil

  •  conditions - deeply moisturises without weighing curls down

  •  supports curl pattern - hydrates to support natural curl

    shape and pattern

  •  improves manageability - helps to reduce frizz and prepare

    curls for easier styling

Targets pH

How To Use:
wet hair, massage a generous amount into scalp, work product from roots to ends with fingers or a wide-tooth comb, then rinse. for best results, repeat process. use in-between deep cleaning.

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