ghd Mini Paddle Brush

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ghd Mini Paddle Brush


A small paddle brush, for styling and tidy-ups on the go. 

If you’re after a professional-quality hair brush that fits in your handbag, you’ll want to know about the ghd mini paddle brush. This handy little brush is ideal for tidying your hair up after the gym or work, and it’s also a winner if you’re using the cordless ghd Unplugged styler. 

What are the features & benefits of the ghd mini paddle brush?

  • Small hair brush
  • Ideal for gym bag or desk drawer
  • Use with ghd Unplugged
  • Wide base
  • Non-slip handle
  • Gentle bristles 

Who is the ghd mini paddle brush best for?

If you’re often on the go, this brush is for you. It’s suitable for all hair types and textures. 

How should I use the ghd mini paddle brush?

This small, handbag-size hair brush is ideal for tidying up your hair after the gym, during your workday, or while you’re out and about. Use it while styling with the ghd Unplugged cordless straightener. 

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