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Hair Types

When people browse online stores for hair products, they usually have a specific concern they want to work on. That’s why we offer all sorts of things at a range of price points to our Aussie clients, so you and your friends can shop for the hair treatment you need without breaking the bank!

Buy hair care products in Australia at Rokk shop for a wide selection of specialized products. There’s something for everyone in our expertly curated line-up – we supply our Aussie customers with dry shampoo, lightweight revitalizing conditioners and treatments for all hair types! ...

Expertly Curated Hair Care Products in Australia

Some people may think that hair products in Australia are all the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Long luscious curls, silky straight hair, and fresh waves all have their own quirks and requirements. But who has the time to sort through hundreds of hair treatments and styling products? The answer: hardly anybody.

That’s why the Australian arm of Rokk Shop (that’s us!) has curated a range of high-quality haircare products and shampoos for every hair type and concern. From vitamin E treatments to conditioners designed to treat split ends, we’ve got everything you need to keep your hair healthy and happy in the Australian heat!

We carry a few of the best hair care products and brands in Australia, including:

Our Fresh Favourites

Are you looking for something new to mix-up your daily beauty routine? You’re in luck, because we add fun items from our favourite brands almost constantly! We keep our selection modern and fresh – that’s why we’re the best place to buy hair products online in Australia!

Hair Care Products FAQ

How do I find the right shampoo and conditioner?

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner depends on your needs.. You’ll have to figure out what you’re trying to achieve beforehand when shopping for hair products such as shampoo online in Australia. Big-name beauty brands usually have barrels of products that cater to a number of hair and wellness concerns. You can find clarifying shampoo, volumizing and smoothing shampoo, general haircare shampoo, and sulfate-free options to protect colored hair from fading in our store! The same applies when shopping for the right conditioner. Every brand has its own specialty and product range – typically, you can choose between wash-out and leave-in conditioner when you buy hair products online in Australia!

How often should I use special treatment-focused products on my hair?

A specialised product like deep conditioner or keratin treatment can elevate your home hair care treatment. The frequency of use depends on how damaged your hair is. Many haircare-oriented brands recommend using your product twice a week if your locks are extremely damaged, but a weekly routine should be more than enough for most!

Should I use hair oil?

There are no hard and fast rules when caring for your curls/locks, but oils generally help keep things healthy and supple. Coconut oil and other oil-infused beauty products aren’t just good for your skin; they also fit nicely into home haircare regimens!

How do I choose a hairdryer?

There are five considerations when buying hair dryers online: wattage, weight, material, extra features, and cost. The decisions you make should depend on your hair’s texture, thickness, and whether you’re maintaining curls.


Here’s how to decide on the right items to suit your beauty routine:

Wattage: Hair dryer wattage determines the power usage of the dryer and, therefore, how long it takes to dry your hair. A higher wattage rating can benefit folks with thick, slow-to-dry locks.

Weight: While weight doesn’t affect how much volume you get, it can impact how long you’ll be able to hold it up for. Choose lighter items if achieving your signature style takes a while.

Body material: Manufacturers make hair dryers with a variety of materials – tourmaline, ceramic, and titanium are some of the most common ones. While they may vary in price, materials also can impact the result when trying to style your hair. Tourmaline helps with thick locks, ceramic is the perfect choice for thin and fine tresses, and titanium is a godsend if you have a lot on your head.

Special features: Cooling buttons, adjustable heat, and an assortment of attachments can make or break a professional’s beauty arsenal. We recommend checking out individual reviews to find out if the special features are worth it for your specific needs.

Cost: Price determines everything, so we recommend setting a budget when buying your hair dryer. These styling wonders can get really expensive! Check out our dryer page and sort by price if you’re on a budget.

Sub Categories


SYSPRO Purify Shampoo 250ml


PRODUCT The shampoo gently and efficiently removes dandruff with regular use. The highly effective Dermapure Complex removes the micororaganism causing dandruff. The gentle formula cleanses the scalp and efficiently removes the sebum, which is the base...

SYSPRO Smoothen Shampoo 250ml


RESULT Instant softness after shampooing. TARGET GROUP For clients with coarse hair that is difficult to tame, feels dry or is unmanageable. Also for curly hair which needs control and elasticity and hair that tends to frizz and reacts to high humidity...

SYSPRO Repair Shampoo 250ml


RESULT Nourishment and easier combing directly after the shampoo. TARGET GROUP For clients with highly damaged, brittle and sensitized hair. Suitable for bleached and chemically treated hair and daily cleansing. PRODUCT Repair Shampoo is the ideal...

SYSPRO Silver Shampoo 250ml


RESULT Cool tonality and reduced warmth for blonde hair. TARGET GROUP For blonde hair, which is colored, natural or bleached. Clients who do not want to see warmth on blonde or yellow on grey hair. For clients with highlights. PRODUCT Anti-yellow effect...

SYSPRO Hydrate Shampoo 250ml


HYDRATE SHAMPOOLIGHTWEIGHT MOISTURIZATION RESULT Lightweight moisturization. TARGET GROUP For clients with dry hair and natural hair that needs rehydrating. The hair feels healthy to dry and can be difficult to comb. PRODUCT Gently cleanses the hair and...

Slick Gorilla

Slick Gorilla Texture Comb


HIGHLIGHTS The Slick Gorilla Texture Comb has wide, smooth round ended teeth that effortlessly adds texture and volume to medium to thick hair types when styling with a hair powder. Lifts, volumizes and adds texture Wide, round ended...

Slick Gorilla

Slick Gorilla Lightwork 70g


HIGHLIGHTS With a light-medium hold and natural matte finish, Lightwork is perfect for casual, textured styles full of body and movement. Light-medium hold, natural matte finish Water-based, easy-rinse formula Ideal for casual, textured...

Slick Gorilla

Slick Gorilla Clay Pomade 70g


Achieve neat, tidy styles with all-day hold and a natural, matte finish with this vegan-friendly clay pomade. Firm hold, matte finish Reworkable, pliable texture Vegan-friendly, paraben-free formula Great for short to medium length hair Subtle, earthy...