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Janeke Gold Super Brush

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Janeke Gold Super Brush



From detangling to styling, the superbrush does it all! The patented structure of the superbrush dries the hair quickly and effortlessly without causing damage in the process. Perfect for those who are seeking an easy way to blow-dry and create effortless style. This brush has the added elegance of a gold frame, the perfect touch!

The Gold Superbrush is part of the PREMIUM range which features durable bristles designed for every day and heavy use with heat! 

Your Gold Superbrush has been carefully hand crafted and finished with a 24K gold powder coating. This coating is protected with a zinc coating that will maintain the aesthetic of your gold brush.

Please note that just like real gold jewellery, your gold brush may tarnish over time. If you see your brush tarnish, immediately and gently polish with a gold polishing cloth or with some toothpaste on a microfibre towel. If left too long, your beautiful brush will have some permanent and unique gold tarnishes. This will not affect the brush itself.

We recommend that you care for your gold brush by placing it on a soft surface after you're finished with it to avoid removing the zinc protective layer over time and scratching the gold.


Small Superbrush: 17cm L x 7cm W Bristles: 1.5cm

** Both sizes have the same number of bristles - they are more condensed on the smalll brush **

Full Size Superbrush: 20cm L x 8cm W Bristles: 2cm 

** Both sizes have the same number of bristles - they are more dispersed on the large brush **

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