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Kevin Murphy. Scalp Spa Wash 250ml

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Kevin Murphy. Scalp Spa Wash 250ml


A gentle, purifying shampoo to support a healthy scalp. 

The scalp doesn’t get enough respect, if you ask us, which is why we’d like to recommend the Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Wash. This purifying shampoo is made with micellar water, celery extract and rosewater, all of which work together to thoroughly cleanse and soothe your scalp. (It will also wash the rest of your hair.) For oily roots and a less-than-thriving scalp, this is an option worth investigating. 

Why will I love the Kevin.Murphy Scalp Spa Wash?

  • Purifying shampoo made with micellar water
  • Cleanses and cares for the scalp
  • Celery extract and rosewater to soothe
  • Balances the scalp
  • Calming feel 
  • Removes excess oil and product buildup 
  • Use every time you wash your hair, or as a weekly reset 
  • 250ml 

Who is the Kevin.Murphy Scalp Spa Wash best for?

This shampoo will work for all hair types, but those of us who use a lot of hair products or find our roots get oily quickly will probably like it best. Safe to use on coloured hair. 

How should I use the Kevin.Murphy Scalp Spa Wash?

Maybe you’ve just used this product’s matching scrub, maybe not. Either way, work the shampoo into your wet hair, paying particular attention to your roots. Rinse well, repeat if you’d like, and follow with a mask or conditioner. Too easy. 

Key ingredients: 

  • Micellar water, to gently dissolve and remove impurities
  • Celery seed extract, to help regulate sebum production and reduce irritation
  • Rose water, to sooth and calm 
  • Great

    Posted by Mas on 25th Aug 2021

    Loved it

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