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System Professional Balance Shampoo 250ml

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System Professional Balance Shampoo 250ml



Gently cares for scalp with a skin-friendly pH. A gentle surfactant system and calming ingredients moisturize the hair and scalp without drying it further.


Apply 1 pump of shampoo into damp hair. Apply the Relax. Shampoo Massage, then rinse thoroughly..

  • System Professional balance shampoo

    Posted by Suz EQ on 17th Mar 2023

    Excellent product, gentle on scalp and no build-up on hair. Fast delivery and the free postage is an added bonus. ROKKSHOP ROKKS!!!

  • Gentle on scalps

    Posted by Jenna g on 24th Aug 2021

    Great for all hair types , leaves your hair lightweight and refresh
    Great for fine hair and itchy/ dry scalp
    My go too

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