Lakme Teknia

Lakme Teknia Frizz Control Protector 300ml

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Lakme Teknia Frizz Control Protector 300ml


Teknia frizz control protector is protectant spray for frizzy hair. 


Protection against frizz and the heat of flat iron and blow dryers.
Instant softness and shine and greater softness from roots to ends.

    • Vegan formula
    • Paraben-free
    • Mineral oil-free
    • Colorants-free


  • Organic extra virgin chia oil.
  • Fusion with a high concentration of hyaluronic acids


  • Protects against thermal heat, strengthens and repairs the hair fiber.
  • Hair recovers its softness, flexibility and bounce.
  • Moisturizing barrier effect that surrounds the fiber.
  • Increases softness. Reduces and resists against random frizz. Maintains the shape of straight hair. Prevents frizz in curly hair.


  • Zen flower with ylang ylang essential oil. Strengthening and revitalizing.
  • Light floral and juicy fruits that blend together to form a moment of pleasure. The fresh, green top notes combine with the warm base notes to offer an all-encompassing sensation of well-being.

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