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Wella Professionals Nutricurls Waves & Curls Conditioner 200ml

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Wella Professionals Nutricurls Waves & Curls Conditioner 200ml


It is necessary to apply a hair conditioner after shampooing because it prevents dryness and roughness. There are many conditioners in the market that meet different demands. The Wella Nutricurls Detangling Conditioner provides intense nourishment to curly and wavy hair. It also doesn't make the hair oily or greasy.
The Nutricurls line of Wella product takes the best care of curly and wavy hair. These products contain the goodness of jojoba oil and wheat bran extract, making the curls soft and smooth. Proper application of these products results in the easy manageability of hair and no frizziness. There is a nourish-in complex that locks the hair strands' with the nourishing ingredients. It makes the hair feel soft and beautiful for up to 3 days. These products are ideal for styling your waves and curls to make them more bouncy.


1. Wheat bran extract and jojoba oil
2. Gets rid of frizziness and makes hair soft and easily manageable
3. Nourish-in complex

Directions of use:

1. Apply on damp hair and leave it for some minutes before washing it off

Wella is one of the most famous hair care brands in the industry. It has been around for more than ten decades, and it is still at the top of its competition. People prefer Wella products because they have a solution for almost every hair problem. With every new product, the quality, and innovation that goes into it increase. It is why Wella is also the first choice of many salons all over the world.

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