Barberian Dalo Tattoo Moustache Cream 30g

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Barberian Dalo Tattoo Moustache Cream 30g


DALO Moustache wax is formualted to create maximun hydration, shine and hold for facial hair. It blends carnauba wax with invigorating scents of lime and basil essential oils delivering a multitude of benefits for achieving a firm and long lasting hold for your moustache whiskers.

Strong and Lasting Hold: The combiantion of carnauba wax, lime and basil essential oils ensures a resilient and enduring hold for your moustache allwoing you to maintain your desired style throughout the day.

Aromatic Pleasure: Beyond its functional aspects, DALO Moustahe wax offers a delightful and refeshing aromatic experience. The lime and basil essential oils infuse your grooming routine with an invigorating scent that invigorated the senses.

Hair Health: Lime and basil oils bring antibacterial and antioxidant properties to the mix, contributing to the overall health and strength of your moustache hairs. This blend not only styles but also cares for your facial hair.


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