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The 4 Golden Rules Of Good Hair Care

Posted by Rob Tamburro on 16th Nov 2022

The 4 Golden Rules Of Good Hair Care

Your skin is radiant, clean, and smooth, but only you know how much work it took to achieve that crystal clear skin. Although no matter how well you care for your hair, it never looks shining, bouncy, or you just stepped out of a salon. Wondering why? It is because you didn't take as much care for natural hair as you do of your skin or because you are doing it wrong and damaging your hair in the process.


Naturally achieving salon-quality hair is indeed difficult, but it's normal to wish you always had it as soon as you get out of bed. You’d save so much time and effort — getting a few minutes of extra sleep too. However, to achieve your dream hair, you might need to first understand how and what suits your hair the best.

Does your hair feel nice after a shower but look lifeless and dry shortly after? There is a good chance that you are choosing the wrong hair care products. Even though a product first makes your hair feel wonderful, that doesn't guarantee it will work well for your hair. Thus, if you have trouble maintaining your hair, this blog is ideal for you.

In this article, we'll explain the habits you should adopt or drop, the products you should use, and a few extra tips for your hair care in Australia to help attain the hair of your vision that won't require any further straightening or blow-drying before you walk out for the day.

1) Consider changing the way you wash your hair

Worry about damage is reported as the primary reason for 33% of women who have changed their washing practices in the previous 12 months. So how frequently should you shampoo?

Well, in this case, less really is more.

Overwashing can harm your hair, especially if it has been chemically treated, bleached, colored, or is porous or naturally dry. Try to keep hair washing to two-three times a week. Washing your hair daily removes the natural oils and proteins required to maintain healthy hair and scalp. Keep in mind dry shampoo is your friend.

If you have greasy hair, apply a little dry shampoo in between washes to absorb excess oil and lengthen the duration between washes. However, avoid becoming overly dependent on dry shampoo, since it can produce build-up on the scalp and block hair follicles, thus slowing the hair development process.

2) Always utilize protection 

If you enjoy using hot styling equipment like straighteners, tongs, and even your trusty hairdryer, it's essential to provide your hair with the most amount of protection.

To nourish your hair from the inside out and prevent it from damage caused by straighteners and color-robbing rays, apply a heat protector every time you blow-dry, straighten, or curl it at home.

3) Do not forget the good tools rule

Similar to your skin, your hair will be affected by the products you use on it. Investing in high-quality tools and supplies helps maintain hair strong and healthy-looking.

Even while good brushes might be more expensive than others, they are worth the investment since, with proper care, they can last a lifetime. Once a month, wash your brushes in a solution of baking soda and warm water to keep them clean and free of product buildup, dead hair, and oil.

4) Condition the right way

A good conditioner is also essential for any hair type, but especially thick, curly locks.

Deep conditioning is essential for curly, highly textured hair. Deep conditioning entails applying a conditioner to the hair that will replenish moisture and strength. Apply heat from the outside, such as a hairdryer, while covering the hair with a plastic cap and letting it sit.

After washing, towel dry your hair to ensure the conditioner is properly absorbed. The conditioner won't be able to reach the hair shaft and provide the essential moisture to keep hair looking healthy and glossy if there is too much water around. If you're in a hurry, at least squeeze out the extra water.

Make sure to include these suggestions in your list and choose items that are appropriate for your hair type. Aside from the proper goods, choosing the right retailer to buy from is also vital. At Rokkshop, you may get fantastic and reasonably priced professional hair careproducts in Australia. You can find blonde to natural hair care products all on our website.