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Capt Fawcett Sandalwood Moustache Wax 15ml

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Capt Fawcett Sandalwood Moustache Wax 15ml


Captain Fawcett's Moustache Wax Expedition Strength provides an extreme hold to keep your moustache in place all day long. Made with natural ingredients, it has a pleasant sandalwood scent and is pocket friendly for easy travelling.

  • Extreme hold
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Hard consistency
  • Light sandalwood scent
  • Reusable tin
  • Made in UK


Captain Fawcett's Expedition Strength is handmade with natural ingredients to give an extremely strong hold, allowing your moustache to keep its form throughout the day in even the harshest conditions. The pocket-friendly, reusable, screw-top tin makes it easy to carry around for restyling if required.

This is a very firm wax, when in the mo, and when in the pot, to use, scrape out of tin with the back of your thumbnail, then work a small amount between the thumb and index finger to warm and soften the wax. Using upwards motions, work the wax through the moustache, being sure to apply evenly. Repeat the process until the desired hold is achieved, and then finish with a comb.


Size: 15ml
Scent: Sandalwood
Ingredients: Cera Flava, Paraffinum-Liquidum, Sandalwood (Santalum Album) Essential Oil

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