ghd Professional Wide Styling Nozzle

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ghd Professional Wide Styling Nozzle


A wider concentrating nozzle for use with the ghd Helios hairdryer. 

For those of us with a lot of hair, there’s the ghd Helios Wide Nozzle. This concentrating nozzle is 88mm wide, meaning you can use larger sections of hair at once. You know what that means: a faster, more precise blowout on long, thick hair. Your morning just got easier, and your hair looks amazing too. 

Why will I love the ghd Helios Wide Nozzle?

  • Wide nozzle to allow quicker styling on long, thick hair
  • Allows you to use larger sections 
  • Concentrates airflow 
    • Helps with precise, fast styling 
    • 88mm wide
    • Use with ghd Helios hairdryer

    Who is the ghd Helios Wide Nozzle best for?

    So this nozzle has been designed for use on longer, thicker hair types, as it allows you to style larger sections at once. . If you’ve got a lot of hair, it’s got your name on it. 

    How should I use the ghd Helios Wide Nozzle?

    As the name suggests, this nozzle is designed for use with the ghd Helios hairdryer. Simply click it onto the end of your Helios, and you’re good to go. 
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