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Wella Professionals INVIGO Brunette Recharge (Cool Brunette) 200ml

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Wella Professionals INVIGO Brunette Recharge (Cool Brunette) 200ml


People often hesitate from using hair color because they are concerned about how long the color will last, and they want to know if it is entirely safe to use. Wella color recharge invigo conditioner (cool brunette) is one of the best products Wella to take care of your colored hair. It provides your hair with a cool brunette tone, and additionally, it helps to nourish and maintains the hair color for a longer time.

The color recharge range of Wella focuses specially on colored hair. These range products have a light-weight formula, which is a special blend of highly effective ingredients that give a natural shine to colored hair. The products are specially formulated for people going for the brown and red color. The refreshing feel of it helps to maintain the color vibrancy for longer times. It prevents the fading away of hair color and also allows the color to last for several days. It also has color pigments to retain the hair color. Furthermore, it has a floral fragrance that makes the hair refreshing and healthy-looking.


1. Nourishes and conditions the hair, while adding a real shine into it
2. Maintains the color vibrancy and retains the color for longer than usual
3. The cool brunette tone has a refreshing feel, thanks to the soft floral fragrance

The direction of use:

1. Use on wet hair, apply and leave it for 2-3 minutes, and then rinse

Wella has been in helping its customer base for more than a hundred. There is no doubt that they know how to formulate and design products without changing hair care and styling needs. Experience premium hairstyling with Wella's best products. It is a must-buy product as it protects and nourishes the hair, improving its overall health.

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