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Wella Professionals INVIGO Cool Blonde Recharge Conditioner 200ml

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Wella Professionals INVIGO Cool Blonde Recharge Conditioner 200ml


How long the color lasts and its authenticity are two major concerns revolving around hair color. Wella blonde recharge invigo conditioner (cool blonde) is a unique product from Wella to take care of your colored hair. It has a cool blonde tone and helps to nourish and maintains the hair color for a longer time.

The color recharge range of Wella is best known for taking utmost care of colored hair. It has a light-weight formula that is a unique blend of the best ingredients to impart natural shine to colored hair. The refreshing feel of the product helps to maintain the color vibrancy in the hair for longer times. The blonde recharge complex reduces the brassiness to unleash the refreshing colored look. Its color pigments retain the hair color, and the floral fragrance adds a healthy look.

1. Deeply nourishes and conditions the hair
2. Maintains and retains the color vibrancy
3. Makes you feel amazing
4. The floral fragrance has a pleasant smell

The direction of use:

1. Use on wet hair, apply and leave for 2-3 minutes, rinse after that

For the past 10-12 decades, Wella has been in service of customers. They know how to formulate and design products without having to alter the basic needs. Wella lets you experience luxurious hairstyling with the most innovative products from their range.


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