Barberian Jamo Strong Hold Black Wax 100g

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Barberian Jamo Strong Hold Black Wax 100g


Introduicng our strong hold black hair styling wax - providing maximum hold and natural colour tint. Crafted with premium ingredients and naturla extracts to nourish, stregthen, and give a naturla tint to your hair. Ideal for achieving classic or modern looks that last all day.

Jamo Blax Wax, specifically crafted for grey hair, presents a unique and naturla solution for those looking to elevate the appearence of their grey locks without resorting to traditional hair colorants. This innovative product is composed of a blend of key ingredients including Carnauba Wax, Charcoal Black Oxide, and Lemon Myrtle offering several noteworthy benefits. 

Natural Gloss - Carnauba Wax

Derived from palm leaves, carnauba wax is celebrated for its natural properties that provide a glossy finish and create a protective barrier for your hair.

Charcial Black Oxide - Deep Cleansing

Charcoal balck oxide, a highly porous substance, boats exceptional absorption abilities. In skincare products such as masks and cleansers, it excells at drawing out impurities, excess oil, and toxinx from the skin, delivering a thorough and revitalising cleansing experience.

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