evo Pete Ionic Paddle Brush - improved ^

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evo Pete Ionic Paddle Brush - improved ^



  • natural rubber, soft cushion pad for gentle styling
  • ball-tipped, high heat-resistant ionic pins help reduce frizz
  • made fromwood from well managed forests

Recommended for.
use to detangle, straighten (without volume), or smooth hair when creating updos. use on medium length to long hair, and on all hair types.

How to use.
blast hair until its 80% dry. brush the hair in a downward motion from root to tip, while applying heat from a hair dryer. use a hair dryerwitha nozzle to concentrate the air flow, providing a smoother finish.

Style tip.
quick blow-dry - working with large sections, place the brush flat at the roots. turn the brush and apply heat from a hair dryer as you lift the hair, pulling the brush from roots from tip

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