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Blonde Hair Products

Blondes undoubtedly have more fun, but they also require special blonde hair products to protect and maintain their platinum-shade strands. This is especially true if you’re not a natural blonde – the bleaching process can be extremely damaging to the hair, leaving it thin and waiflike.

Luckily, there are loads of hair care brands that make shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments specifically for bleach blonde customers. Whether you’re eliminating yellow tones from your hair or repairing damage, the right blonde hair products can make a world of difference!

Before you invest in a haircare product, here’s what you need to know about maintaining blonde pigment, preventing breakage, and removing brassiness from your hair strands....

Maintaining Your Bottle Blonde Hair in Australia

Here’s the truth about achieving that perfect platinum colour: it’s a lot of work. Maintaining your colour requires time, effort, and care. You also need to be mindful of the ingredients and formula of every hair product.

Below is some advice for mastering your beauty regimen:

  • A hair mask is your best friend: The key to achieving salon-quality results is to treat your hair with the latest and greatest products. For example, a cuticle mask is a robust treatment designed to bring dry hair back to life and keep severe deterioration at bay.

  • Purple shampoo banishes yellow tones: All bottle blonds abhor brassiness! Using purple shampoo is an effective way of banishing unwanted undertones. This incredible product deposits violet pigments into your hair, producing more neutral blonde and toner-like results.

  • Don’t shampoo every day: Australia can be hot, so it’s not surprising that many people shampoo every day. However, this can strip essential oils from your scalp – blondes should wash their hair less frequently to maintain their hair’s beauty and wellness. We recommend using dry shampoo between deep cleaning days if you’re feeling too oily.

  • Hydration is essential: Everyone that’s ever gone blonde knows how dry it can feel. Thankfully, many brands have produced salon-quality products that deposit moisture and essential nutrients as you lather them in. We recommend buying your hydrating shampoo and conditioner from trusted retailers like Rokk Shop!

  • Mind your colours: A colour wheel probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when deciding which product to buy for your blonde hair, but it makes a huge difference with maintenance and tone perfection. Violet-depositing shampoo can be a lifesaver. but finding the right variation is crucial to maintaining your tone. We recommend purchasing products that are the complete opposite of your intended level of blonde for the best results!

  • Wash with cold water: Is your head feeling dry and stripped of all hydration? In that case, you may want to steer clear from hot water baths. The heat robs your hair of all its natural hydration, which can exacerbate tearing caused by bleaching and processing.

  • Be careful with hair oils: While hair oil generally improves hydration and luster, blondes may need to tread carefully. A yellow-toned oil product might impact your hair’s overall colour, which can make it look patchy – like a cheap box bleach job.

  • Don’t skip the conditioner: Shampoo alone just won’t do if you’re trying to maintain silky smooth blonde locks. Be sure to use a conditioner when you do a deep clean to keep your mane shiny and healthy!

Rokk Shop Has Purple Shampoos, Treatments, And More!

SYSPRO Silver Shampoo 250ml


RESULT Cool tonality and reduced warmth for blonde hair. TARGET GROUP For blonde hair, which is colored, natural or bleached. Clients who do not want to see warmth on blonde or yellow on grey hair. For clients with highlights. PRODUCT Anti-yellow effect...


K18 Molecular Repair Mask 5ml


A leave-in hair treatment to reverse chemical and physical damage to hair.  *Paraben Free *Cruelty Free * Vegan * Sulphate Free   We tend to put our hair through a lot, which is where the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask comes into play. This...